Welcome to the official website of Death Valley Jim – adventurer, author, guide, and photographer.

Since 2011, I have been tracking down and writing stories about Death Valley, the Mojave Desert, and the American Southwest. I’m happy to share those stories with those who have the desire to listen and learn about the cultural, historical, biological, and ecological histories of the desert. Contained within the pages of this webpage you will find hundreds of these stories, along with many educational guides that I have put together to help you experience the desert in a more enlightened way.

Whether you are a newcomer, or a lifelong student of the desert, I believe that you will find something here to entertain, educate, or enlighten you.


Death Valley Jim News

2017 Desertscapes Calendar

  I’m now taking orders for the 2017 Desertspaces Calendar. This will be the only calendar that I produce for 2017. It includes images of Death Valley National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave National Preserve, Trona Pinnacles, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Glen Canyon, Amargosa...

Joshua Tree National Park and it’s continuous Douche-Bag Problem

John Smolinski and I were out again this morning searching for Michael Rodriguez, the 58-year old missing man from Azusa, when we stumbled upon a rock shelter about three-quarters of a mile northeast of the Juniper Flats Backcountry board. Much to our surprise we found the shelter to have a...

Mojave Mysteries with M.L. Behrman


Author M.L. Behrman explores the tale of The Cement Monster, a huge two-legged creature said to inhabit a small valley in the Mojave Desert. Is it a prehistoric throw-back or something science has yet to explain? Could a primitive creature still survive?     Books by M.L. Behrman: Mojave...

Satanic Nightmare – Mojave Mysteries (Episode 3)

Author M.L. Behrman presents a harrowing tale from a hitchhiker who claimed he was drugged by a desert Satanic death cult and almost sacrificed in an orgy of bloody mayhem. The remote desert is home to many strange things, is a modern day covenant of Devil worshipers one of...