Cima, CA (Mojave National Preserve)

Cima, CA - The last residence to have been occupied in Cima.
Cima, CA - Old abandoned home

Old abandoned home


Cima was settled in 1906 as a water stop for trains along the Kelso Valley grade. Within a short period, a number of mines would become active in the area, forming the Cima Mining District. This small water stop would become the shipping center of the district.

Cima never grew to become a large town, it has consisted of the roughly dozen structures that still stand today, since the 1920s.

A post office, and general store continued to operated until 2011. There are currently no residents in the town, and only one family remains with a Cima mailing address, they live a few miles up in the hills. The train continues to run through town, but now only stops to change conductors.


Cima, CA - The last residence to have been occupied in Cima.

The last residence to have been occupied.


Cima, CA - The desert is taking it back.

The desert is taking it back.



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