The Barstow Field region covers an area from the northern boundary of Joshua Tree National Park to the southern boundary of Fort Irwin Military Reservation and from the eastern boundary of San Bernardino National Forest to north of Death Valley Junction, California, as far as the California/Nevada state line.   The desert within this area is vast, about three million acres, and has many unique features. Elevations vary from near sea level, north of Baker, California, to over 6,000 feet, in the Ord Mountains south of Barstow. There are many scenic locations with rough mountains, dry lake beds, and winding canyons. Plants found here include various cactus species and the Joshua Tree, the symbol of the Mojave Desert. Winter days are usually comfortable in the 70 degree F. range (about 20 degree C.), attracting visitors who come to escape colder states. Summer days can be hot and dry, with 110 degree F. (40 degree C.) temperatures.                                           

Most of the sites below, along with dozens of others can be found in my books: Secret Places in the Mojave Desert Vol. 1, Secret Places in the Mojave Desert Vol. 2, and Secret Places in the Mojave Desert Vol. III.  The books contain GPS coordinates and topographical maps, making it easier to locate the treasures in which Barstow BLM hold.

Locations Managed by Barstow BLM