Bedrock City (Williams, AZ)

America’s favorite stone age family is alive and well, and just a short distance from Grand Canyon National Park. Bedrock City was built in 1972, by the Speckels. Today the cartoon town is listed for sale with an asking price of two-million dollars, remaining open during the sale process.

There are several Flintstones inspired structures on the premises, including both the Flintstone and Rubble residences, a gas station, school, a doctor’s office, the Bedrock City Jail, barber shop, beauty salon, and more.  If you are lucky you may have the opportunity to take the Fredmobile Tram through the aptly titled volcano, Mt. St. Wilma. Or you may watch some classic Flintstones cartoons at The Bedrock Theatre.  At the time of my visit (2008), both of these attractions were closed for repair.

Recent reports from travelers indicate that the attraction has been freshly painted.  There is a large gift shop, campground, and a restaurant that serves up Bronto Burgers, Chickasaurus Dinner, a Fishasaurus sandwich, and Gravelberry Pie.

For the $5.00 admission price, you can’t go wrong.  Bedrock City is a perfect opportunity to remind us that we can enjoy some goofy fun even as adults.


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Jim Mattern

Jim is a scapegoat for the NPS, an author, adventurer, photographer, radio personality, guide, and location scout. His interests lie in Native American and cultural sites, ghost towns, mines, and natural wonders in the American Deserts.