Bezy’s night lizard (Xantusia bezyi)

Bezy’s night lizard (Xantusia bezyi ) is a species of lizard endemic to Arizona.


Bezy’s night lizard is named after noted herpetologist Robert L. Bezy.

Geographic range

X. bezyi is found in central Arizona.


Small, smooth-skinned, and gray-brown to yellow-brown, this night lizard measures 1.5 to 2.75 inches (38 to 70 mm) from its nose to its vent. It has a flattened head, and dark splotches on its back. The eyes lack eyelids and have vertical, linear pupils.


Desert highlands and pine woodlands are its preferred habitats.


This lizard’s diet consists of spiders and insects.


During daylight hours it shelters in rock crevices.


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