Bullfrog, NV


Bullfrog came to be in March 1905 when the entire town of Amargosa City packed up and moved to the Bullfrog town site. A short time later Rhyolite was established within just a mile of Bullfrog. The competition between the two towns was fierce as both towns wanted the edge on the other. May of 1905 would end up being the peak of Bullfrog as a town. Lots on main street sold for as much as $1,500. Bullfrog also boasted a three-story hotel, a county jail, a lodging house, a general store, a bank, and an ice house among others.

It has often been said that the town of Bullfrog was a violent town; the violence attributed to the town folks and businesses packing up and leaving for Rhyolite. By 1907 Bullfrog was practically deserted. The post office struggled but managed to stay open until May, 15th 1909.

Today not much remains of Bullfrog; Rhyolite is still over shadowing it some 100 years later. The walls of the ice house remain, and a good part of the county jail is still intact. Someone has built a newer home directly beside the jail, and I’ve read that some of the land close to the town site has been purchased to build a resort. I’m not sure how old that news is or if anything will come of it.

The following images are from the private collection of William Miller. Mr. Miller has been kind enough to allow these photographs to be seen exclusively here.




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