Burham Canyon Pictographs

Burham Canyon was once a village site for the  Kawaiisu and Kitanemuk. Both are Native American tribes that made their homes in the Tehachapi Mountains.  The pictograph elements are red, white and black. It is believed that the use of polychrome in the pictographs at Burham Canyon may make this a very sacred and ritually important site, there are only a few known sites that utilize this technique. The main  panel is located in a large outcropping of boulders at a vantage point that has saved it from the elements for roughly 2,000 years.

A number of milling stones are also present near the site.

Just a short distance below the main large panel there is a small boulder in the canyon. This small boulder contains pictographs in red paint. The design consists of a sun and “calendar like” tick marks.












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