Carbonate Prospect (Kern County)



There is little  information available about the Carbonate Prospect in Kern County.

Minerals mined:  Traces of galena, chalcopyrite, and copper and iron stains in fractured fine-grained granitic rock. Gypsum, clayey gouge, and calcite common in fractures.
Years active: 1955 – ?
Owner: Martin Beck (last known owner)

Remains: Open Mine, Ore Bin, nearby Stone Cabin

Martin Beck was a 30 year resident of Mojave, CA. He passed away on October 24, 1971 at his home in Mojave, he was 80 years old. Born in Germany in 1887, he emigrated to the United States in 1904.

Martin was well-known and liked in mining circles, and was an expert stone mason. He first came to the town of Mojave in 1907 while making his way to Goldfield, NV to watch a boxing match.  He would end up moving to Mojave in 1940 after living in Los Angeles for a several years. He lived on a mining claim off Backus Road, and worked the Golden Queen Mine.

Martin would go own to own and operate the California Motel, and Beck’s Motel in Mojave.

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