Coaldale, NV


Coaldale, NV is a modern ghost town. It is unclear when Coaldale was originally settled, however I’ve managed to find that it was abandoned in 1993. The EPA closed the gas station claiming that the underground tanks had a leak. With no gas, fewer people stopped and patronized the other businesses in Coaldale which included a motel, a garage, a restaurant, and gambling facilities all owned by the same family. Eventually this led to closing all the businesses and the family moving on.

In 1994, Coaldale was used as the set of a bloody biker action flick called “The Stranger”. More information on the film is available at IMDB.

In 2006, the town was placed up for sale, with an asking price of $70,000. In 2008, an arsonist burned down the restaurant and café.

Today a number of structures remain including the motel, living quarters and garage.

Coaldale is one of the eeriest places that I have ever visited. At every corner I was waiting for someone to pop out. A number of the hotel rooms are still equipped with mattresses, couches, and one even had a fridge. Some newer looking clothing was scattered through different rooms as if someone had recently been staying here.





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  • I love the sites you have listed and have gone too. I saw the Four Aces Diner in a car commercial and since I am a Diner lover I looked it up and found out it is a movie film site. We have plenty of diners on the east coast, many I have ete at. NY, NJ,PA,MD, and many more states. We don’t have many ghost towns. The only one I can think of is Centralia, Pa which was closed a long time ago do to an underground mine fire. The town is still there and the ground is still smoking. Cool web sight.

    • I lived in PA before moving to CA. There are a lot of diners for sure in the east. As for Centralia, I have been there. It’s a cool location. I have pictures somewhere. Maybe I’ll dig them out and do a special article on it one of these days. Thanks for reading!

  • Jimmy L. Dennis died by gunshot to the chest in December 1955 after he and his friends made a ruckus at a Coledale bar. Jimmy was 15, and shot by Deputy Sheriff Elton Parsons who was trying to arrest him. Different stories were told, Parsons claimed self-defense, but Parsons was sentenced to one to five years. Parsons and his wife, Jewell, were owners of other Coledale businesses. Jewell passed away in Coledale in 1972. The sign most likely was put up as a memorial although no one was actually named. The Parsons were and are still remembered as fine, respectable residents of Coaldale.

    • Jewell actually died in Nov. ’83, at the age of 76. I know this for certain because her niece is sitting right here next to me. Jimmy L. Dennis was Jewell’s second husband’s son. He was older than 15, and he came to the bar that day bragging that his dad owned Coaldale. He got out of control, drinking and making threats, so Elton sent his ass on home. Uncle Elton died in 1997. He was 9 years younger than aunt Jewell.
      The Conner family were strong, self reliant Irish folk. Good people, until you mess with them. I know, I’m married to one.

  • I passed through this area in 1993 when the town was still alive. I spoke to the owner of the place and still remember him & the others there. They were nice people. There was a nice little cafe. When I visited the region again in 1994 and found it abandoned, it was shocking to say the least.

  • I have driven past there often and have always wondered what the story was there. As a big fan of photography and ghost towns I always wanted to stop and take pictures but was always in a hurry to get to the next abandoned town of Belleville before sundown. Thank you for posting!

  • From my youthful days driving between Reno & Las Vegas….Coaldale was never much more than a gas station, small store & maybe 12 -16 room motel.

  • In 2004 or so..I hauled a fifth wheel trailer to coaldale..the trailer belonged to a Freind that I knew at the time..he had me put the fifth wheel behind the far back building..he said he was going to live there and his Freind and him were going to buy the place and rebuild it …I don’t think he was playing with a full deck of cards..if you know what I mean… Lol….he had a silver deisal Chevy pickup that he bought from me… Last time I heard from him…I can’t even remember his name ?. If any one knows of him …let me know… Kelly Poots ..on Facebook…thanks…have a great day…

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