Coaldale, NV


Coaldale, NV is a modern ghost town. It is unclear when Coaldale was originally settled, however I’ve managed to find that it was abandoned in 1993. The EPA closed the gas station claiming that the underground tanks had a leak. With no gas, fewer people stopped and patronized the other businesses in Coaldale which included a motel, a garage, a restaurant, and gambling facilities all owned by the same family. Eventually this led to closing all the businesses and the family moving on.

In 1994, Coaldale was used as the set of a bloody biker action flick called “The Stranger”. More information on the film is available at IMDB.

In 2006, the town was placed up for sale, with an asking price of $70,000. In 2008, an arsonist burned down the restaurant and café.

Today a number of structures remain including the motel, living quarters and garage.

Coaldale is one of the eeriest places that I have ever visited. At every corner I was waiting for someone to pop out. A number of the hotel rooms are still equipped with mattresses, couches, and one even had a fridge. Some newer looking clothing was scattered through different rooms as if someone had recently been staying here.





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