Dolomite, CA



Dolomite was founded in 1885, the Inyo Marble Company opened the mine here to extract the mineral Dolomite. Over the years the mine and town have traded hands on a few occasions. F.W. Aggregates purchased the mine in 1992 and still owns and operates the mine to this day.

The town has been used for a handful of western films including Nevada Smith (w/Steve McQueen), and Bad Day at Black Rock.

On the day of our visit to Dolomite, we found the gate around the mine/town hanging open. The only sign that we saw said “Hard Hat Required”. I just figured we’d stay in the vehicle and snap some photos. We made our way around snapping photos, and within a few minutes the security pulled up alongside us asking what we are doing. I explained that we’re just taking some pictures. He informed us that we are trespassing, and that it was posted at the gate. I apologized and asked if we could have just a few more minutes to photograph the remaining buildings. He agreed as long as we were quick about it, and that we not photograph the mining operations. We agreed, and continued on our way. On our way out of the gate we did see the “No Trespassing” sign, it was on the front of the gate, but since the gate was open it wasn’t visible when entering.












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