Dorris May Mine (Dale Mining District)

The Dorris May Mine (a.k.a. Eaton Gold Mine, a.k.a. Iron Age Extension) is a short horizontal shaft located in the wash directly east of the Iron Age strip mine.  The California Journal of Mines and Geology, Vol. 39, Number #4, published in 1943, indicates that the Dorris May Mine contained gold, hematite, and magnetite.

It is unclear when the Dorris May Mine operated, but it was likely in the 1930’s, when mining at the Iron Age was in full swing.

The shaft extends roughly 50 feet into a hillside of andesite.

Overall a rather unimpressive specimen.


Entrance to the Dorris May Mine.

Entrance to the Dorris May Mine.


Inside looking out.

Inside looking out.

Secret Places in the Mojave Desert Vol. 7

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