Elizalde Concrete Plant (Near Beatty, NV)


Built in 1936 to produce Portland cement, the plant was abandoned the same year, before production even began due to issues with getting the concrete to the Philippines. In January 1951 the University of Nevada Mineral Resources of Nye County, Nevada reported the rotary kiln and other equipment was still located within the plant. Today, the complex is a crumbling ruin.

At the time of my visit most of the crumbling factory and buildings have been fenced in. If you follow the fence line for a few miles there are signs that designate the area as part of a bombing range. Entry past the fence is not advised.






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  • I always wondered what that complex was. I was there in 1986 and access to the ruins was very easy, no fences at that time. The only thing that was left was the concrete ruins. I don’t recall seeing anything else.

  • I drove by this place just three weeks ago on my way north on US95. I don’t remember a fence around this main structure, but I do remember a fence behind it saying no trespassing.

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