Goler Gulch Petroglyphs

The site of the Goler Gulch petroglyphs is not documented from my research findings, and I have exhausted all of my sources of information to try to find any information on them. I find this rather surprising since the site isn’t what I would consider to be small, but rather medium-sized with well over 50 glyphs. Besides the petroglyphs found here, there is evidence of a camp, I found many pieces of chipped obsidian along the flat land directly beside the basalt outcropping.

Finding this site was completely without intention, my wife and I were out for a hike, and were about to turn around and head back to the Jeep when I noticed the basalt outcropping and decided to check it out.

The site is found in the El Paso Mountain Range in Kern County. Located only about a mile and half from the once bustling mining camp of Goler.

Much like the nearby Sheep Springs Petroglyphs, the petroglyphs found at Goler Gulch are likely traceable to the Kawaiisu. The Kawaiisu are the earliest known inhabitants of the area, they have been traced back over 2,000 years.






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