“High Noon” Pictographs (Joshua Tree National Park)


I was tipped off on this location from a friend and fellow rock art enthusiast that had previously visited the site. This is one of the more intriguing locations that I’ve had the opportunity to visit. Located in a wash near the Wonderland Ranch ruins, this giant granite boulder is hollow underneath. To view the pictographs you have to crawl through a hole, and once you are under the boulder there is enough room for a six-foot tall person to stand straight up.

The designs that are present are simple, yet interesting. Present are number of “ticks”, which are believed by some to represent a calendar, or counting system. On the top, middle a pictograph of the sun is present. I speculate that the position of the sun pictograph indicates “high noon”. All of the designs that are present are made using a red pigment. One petroglyph is also present.

A blackened mortar hole is located above the entrance, likely used as a fire starting tool by the one time inhabitant.




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