Horseshoe Bend (Glen Canyon Recreation Area)

What can I possibly say about Horseshoe Bend that hasn’t already been said a million times before. This wonder of the world has continuously gained popularity in the photography world for having absolutely wonderful photogenic values.

Located just a few miles south of the city of Page, AZ makes Horseshoe Bend an easy stop for those visiting the north rim of the Grand Canyon, or taking in the sights of Grand Staircase-Escalante and Vermillion Cliffs National Monuments.

The horseshoe like bend was carved by the Colorado River around five-million years ago as the rushing water became trapped by the uplifting Colorado Plateau. The river cut through the Navajo sandstone at the steepest downhill grade, creating the horseshoe like bend that we see today. Geologist believe that in the next several million years the river may eat away at the sandstone escarpment creating a natural bridge.

A trail that is 1.5 miles roundtrip in length makes it relatively easy for most people to visit the overlook. Because of the spike in popularity in recent years, don’t expect to have the place to yourself, you will likely be sharing the view with a hundred or more people at any given time. Morning and late afternoon are the busiest times.

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Jim Mattern

Jim is a scapegoat for the NPS, an author, adventurer, photographer, radio personality, guide, and location scout. His interests lie in Native American and cultural sites, ghost towns, mines, and natural wonders in the American Deserts.