Kearsarge Station (Citrus), CA


Kearsarge began life in 1866 as a stage depot under the name of Independence. By 1888 the name was changed to Citrus, and was again changed in 1913 to Kearsarge Station. A post office operated here during the “Citrus” years from 1888-1905, and again from 1907-1910.

In 1883 the stage depot was transformed into a railroad station along the Carson & Colorado Railroad line. The Carson & Colorado Railroad ran from Mound House, NV to nearby Keeler, CA. Along with a station house there was a house for the station manager and a bunkhouse for the train hands. The station at Kearsarge operated until June 29th, 1932, and the station was torn down in 1955.

The remains of Kearsarge are sparse. A few foundations remain, a small part of the original track lies along the railroad grade, and old broken glass and rusty cans litter the landscape. What I believe to be a pet cemetery is also located here with small markers with names like “Tiki,” “Duke,” and “Clyde.”

For more information on the Carson & Colorado Railroad a trip to Laws, CA is highly recommended. The station at Laws has been turned into an amazing railroad museums.







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