Kramer Arch

Kramer Arch is a natural arch in the Calico Mountains, the range made famous for its 1870’s era silver mining boom. The arch is relatively small when compared to the arches of Arches National Park, but yet large enough that it has a become a drive through (literally) attraction for 4X4 vehicles, and OHV. Unfortunately this use of the arch has caused much more rapid deterioration than what we would see from the natural wind and water erosion which forms stone arches.

Much like other portions of the Calico Mountains , the arch and the immediate area adjacent to it have been disrespected and vandalized (see: The Careless Management and Destruction of the Calico Mountains / Something Stinks in Barstow). The arch itself has fallen victim to graffiti, while it’s surrounding have become a dumping ground, and shooting range.

Why has all of this been allowed to happen to a beautiful natural wonder? It likely has to do with the Barstow BLM having given up on the Calicos. The BLM has continuously tried to manage the trail systems, and dumping situation – yet with their limited resources, and the utter disregard of the land users, the Calicos are on the verge of lawlessness.



Graffiti on Kramer Arch.

Graffiti on Kramer Arch.


Shooting gallery of junk, adjacent to the beautiful arch.

Shooting gallery of junk, adjacent to the beautiful arch.

Secret Places in the Mojave Desert Vol. 7

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  • Thank you again.I bet if one of the multi-millionaires in this country gave up a month’s interest on his or her investments, he or she could fund the BLM so they could do their work.

  • Incredibly sad :( If only everyone cared enough to leave a few pristine spots in the world for the next generations to enjoy.

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