Lava Flow Petroglyphs – Kelbaker Rd. (Mojave National Preserve)


This is a relatively small site with less than twenty petroglyphs scattered out over about a quarter of a mile. Like other petroglyphs in the preserve, these are likely the product of the Mojave Indians.

It is sad to report that there has been a lot of vandalisation at this site, most likely due to the ease of access. A number of the glyphs have initials carved around them. There are also multiple panels that seem to have been created in more recent years including what appears to be a space ship glyph.

I spent a few hours around this location exploring the basalt outcroppings for additional rock art, but came out empty-handed except for another fake petroglyph that matches the style of space ship glyph that I mention above.


One of three fake petroglyph panels in the area.

One of three fake petroglyph panels in the area.



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