Marble Bath (Death Valley National Park)

In 1994 Death Valley National Park was upgraded from National Monument to National Park, at that same time the National Park Service expanded the boundaries to include additional lands. Included in that land was an area called Steel Pass, which connects Eureka Valley with Saline Valley. Much to the confusion of many, for the longest time USGS maps had marked this area as “Marble Bath.”

Before the park service took over the land, Wendel Moyer, a desert rat that had visited the area for several years decided that “Marble Bath” was actually in need of a bathtub filled with marbles. Moyer and several of his friends rounded up an old claw-foot bath rub, and boxes of marbles. They installed the tub in the location that was identified as “Marble Bath” on the maps.

Moyer’s “Marble Bath” remains where he installed, and has become a popular stop for people traveling between the valleys.

As it turns out the “Marble Bath” indicated on USGS maps is a small pool on the east side of the road. The pool is now usually empty of water, which is what likely caused the confusion.


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