The Mojave Desert: Yesterday and Today

The images of yesterday fade from our minds as quickly as the desert landscape alters after an earthquake. For many the only recollection that we have of the original miners, shop-keepers, real estate tycoons, and whores are through whiskey drenched stories, and tattered photographs.

Jim has taken those tattered images and brought them back to life, recapturing them today. He has stood where those original photographers have stood, retracing their footprints across the desert.



  • Large Format Coffee Table Book

    Dimensions: 9″ x 10″

  • Historic & Modern Photographs

    Nearly 200 historic photographs, each recaptured.

  • No Color

    All images are presented in traditional black & white.

  • Limited Edition

    Hand Numbered, and limited to 500 copies.





The Mojave Desert: Yesterday and Today will not be published without your help.

The cost associated with publishing this book is great. There is the manufacturing cost, layout and design, and extensive traveling expenses that all have to be covered.

Why not utilize a traditional publishing method? To be honest, publishers suck. You do all of the work, and they make all of the money, leaving you with literally pennies per unit sold. I refuse to sell myself out, and would prefer to never publish another book than go in that direction.

Why don’t you use a site like Kickstarter to raise the funds? Once again, to be honest, these sites also suck. They take up to 10% of the funds that are raised.

Beginning immediately the book is available to order from this website. There are several options available, from receiving an autographed copy of the book, to the book plus professional photo prints, to the book and a weekend getaway to Joshua Tree, CA, where you will stay at the Dollarjoint Ranch, spend a day hiking with Jim, and Jim cooks you a fantastic dinner.

The book is planned for release in December of 2016.

If there is a lack of support or interest the project will scrapped, and all funds will be refunded.


Please take a few minutes and review all of the information, and sample images that are available on the website dedicated to this project. From there decide if you’d like to see it happen. After, you can pledge your support on the same website.

Project website: //


Thank you for your consideration.


About the author

Jim Mattern

Jim is a scapegoat for the NPS, an author, adventurer, photographer, radio personality, guide, and location scout. His interests lie in Native American and cultural sites, ghost towns, mines, and natural wonders in the American Deserts.

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