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Neuralia, CA is a place that many have not heard of despite the nearby well-traveled road baring its name. Neuralia was formed as a direct result of the Southern Pacific Railroad that laid track here in the late 1880’s, the name was derived from “new railroad”. A Post Office operated here from 1914-1916.

The few ruins that remain are concrete foundations, one of which is very large (likely the train depot). During my walk through of the area I stumbled upon the ruins of a bottle building, with some bottles still in tact within the concrete.

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Jim is a scapegoat for the NPS, an author, adventurer, photographer, radio personality, guide, and location scout. His interests lie in Native American and cultural sites, ghost towns, mines, and natural wonders in the American Deserts.


  • This place does seem quite the mystery! I’d never even heard of it before your article but after reading it I decided to venture out there yesterday. Really cool little place but through all my searching I couldn’t find the bottle building remains. Do you remember where they were in relation to the main large foundation? Satelite photo only shows the main foundation and what looks like 2 small foundations or piles of rubble off a dirt road next to the railroad tracks that I’ll have to check out next time.

    Btw I love your website and hope to get my hands on your book soon!


    • Hi Chris,

      The ruins of the bottle building can be found by taking the dirt road next to the small foundations on the opposite side of the road from the large foundation. Follow it back for maybe 1/2 mile. I turned right onto another dirt road from this road and followed it back. This is the location. Sorry I can’t give better details. I just can’t remember how many smaller roads I passed. Hope that helps!

      • It does greatly! I didn’t have nearly as much time to search the area last time as I would have liked as it was sunset by the time I arrived and don’t think I even looked at the other side of the road (Silly me). Thanks again Jim. You’ve got yourself a new follower of the site!

        Look forward to more adventures!

  • Bottles in the cement… not making bottles and not for sunlight to get through (both ends of the bottle are blocked by 1 inch of cement. Plus, different colours.

    I bet they were being silly or just trying to save cement when pouring it. When I laid cement in my house for a step, we placed all sorts of junk (large rocks, broken bricks, steel bars) into the mix to save on using cement.

    Arthur Henrick- Sunnyvale, CA.

    PS- Love your site…gave some money a while back and will order a book next pay check!

    • Hi Arthur,

      I get what you are saying about the bottle placement in cement. The bottles are older, so it is still a cool find in my eyes.

      Thanks for your feedback, and appreciate your support!

  • This is a really cool one Jim. I actually grew up in the small community next to this, Freemont Valley (our house was in the dead center with the large ham radio towers in the backyard). I used to ride my bike from my house and walk around snd check out the ruins. Always thought it was really cool so we were careful as kids not to disturb it (good parenting by our folks). Really cool read man. I had heard that Charlie Chaplan had a house in the area of these ruins.

  • An early alignment of The Midland Trail (predecessor to U.S. and Route 14) passed through Neuralia around the period when it had a post office.

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