Nipple Cactus (Mammillaria kraehenbuehlii)

Nipple Cactus (Mammillaria kraehenbuehlii)

The plants are usually small and elongated, the stems from 1 cm to 20 cm in diameter and from 1 cm to 40 cm tall, solitary to clumping forming mounds of up to 100 heads. The flowers are funnel-shaped and range from 7 mm to 40 mm and more in length and in diameter, from white and greenish to yellow, pink and red in color, The fruit is berry-like, club-shaped or elongated, usually red but sometimes white, yellow or green. Some species have the fruit embedded into the plant body. The seeds are black or brown, from 1 to 3 mm in size.  -BLM Wildflower Guide


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