Owens Peak Trail Pictographs (Indian Wells Canyon)

This impressive pictograph site is located along the Owens Peak Trail in Indian Wells Canyon. This same trail that we hike today was  likely once a Native American Trail. While no official agency or organization is making that information available today, the evidence is there. During my hike at various points along the way we found over fifty obsidian chips, and three arrowheads. It is likely that they had been brought to the surface due to the unusual amount of rainfall the area received this summer (2012).

Like the other set of pictographs that can be found in Indian Wells Canyon, these were discovered in 1968 by Grant, Baird and Pringle during field reconnaissance in the Southern Sierra Nevada. The attributes of these pictographs tie them to “Coso” style rock art.  It is believed that these pictographs are linked to  historic times which is unusual because it was previously believed that no “Coso” style rock art was created during this time period.










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