Rock Tank Cattle Company (Mojave National Preserve)


The ruins of the Rock Tank Cattle Company are located along Aiken Mine Road in the picturesque Mojave National Preserve.

The ranch sprang to life in 1894, as a one-million acre cattle ranch in an extremely arid region of the Mojave Desert. In the early 1900’s the ranch ran around 5,000 head of cattle, controlling most of the range between Las Vegas, Barstow, and Needles.




Between 1928-1931, the original ranch split into the OX Cattle Company, Keesler Springs Ranch, and Valley View Ranch, some of which continued to operate into the early 2000’s.

The ruins at this location are just a small piece of the overall ruins scattered across the Eastern Mojave of the original Rock Tank Cattle Company Ranch. Several structures remain standing in some capacity, along with a large corral, stone water tanks, and an Aermotor Windmill.




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