Satan’s Den (Vasquez Rocks)

Satan's Den - Vasquez Rocks



I don’t support vandalizing our natural resources, but some graffiti is just too interesting to ignore. This modern-day painting at Vasquez Rocks County Park is just that. The gory, horror inspired design is tucked away in a small cave, out of sight from the unsuspecting. To add to the horror, a stench of urine from day hikers will pummel your nose as you approach the cave. I would suspect that most people have no idea what is in the dark cave where they are relieving themselves, I can only imagine the terror of turning on a flashlight mid-stream.

I don’t know who the artist is or when it was created, no known name has been given to the cave, but I found the name Satan’s Den aptly fitting.

I did not take a coordinates reading from the cave, but those interested in finding it start your hunt in this general area:  34°28’43.97″N 118°19’6.10″W


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