Squaw Spring Petroglyphs / Kawaiisu Village

The entire area around Squaw Spring was once a Kawaiisu hunting and gathering village. There are not a lot of petroglyphs at this site, however they are here and quite spread out. The rock art that is found here is considered to be of the Great Basin style. Much of the designs are abstract, the glyph elements include circles, rayed circles apparent zoomorphs, and a variety of abstract line designs.

Plan to spend a good amount of time here exploring the vast area.  Keep your eyes peeled for other artifacts and sites as you explore. These sites range in type from large village sites of over 1000 square meters each with rock rings, rock art loci, lithic knapping station, deep midden, hunting blinds, milling stations and ceramic loci.

When I visited this site I wasn’t aware of the vast size of this location, and what all it encompasses. My time here was minimal, and I only covered an extremely small area. I will soon be returned to investigate the site further.



Hunting Blind on top of a rock outcropping

Hunting Blind on top of a rock outcropping


Bolder with a number of atlatl petroglyphs

Bolder with a number of atlatl petroglyphs


It is important to remember when visiting these vulnerable historic (prehistoric) locations that you do not disturb ANYTHING! Look, and take pictures only! If you find any artifacts leave them where you found them for future explorers, and report them to the managing agency.







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  • I have so enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures of the Death Valley area which I have visited as a child. I lived in Darwin from 1946 until 1959 at the Anaconda mines. Some of the pictures make me feel a little sad and time moves on. Thank you for your efforts.

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