The School house in Littlerock, CA – circa 1903.

Littlerock, CA – located in the Antelope Valley, near Palmdale. The year was 1903, and this was the town’s school house.

Today, Littlerock is known as “The Fruit Basket of the Antelope Valley.” There are orchards of fruit trees such as almonds, apples, peaches, and pears, along the side of the roads around Highway 138. Population is currently around 1,400.

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  • I too remmebr back to the very early 1950’s, when my family would travel from China Lake, to Los Angeles several times a year for family get togethers. I also remember the old route of the “Sierra Hwy”, from the Soledad Junction, to the bottom of the grade, and the old “Bee Man”, who loved having us kids stop and see his wares, and would show us his stereo -opticon with pictures of old construction of the railroad through the canyons.

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