View of floor of Owens Valley looking west to town of Big Pine and the Sierra Nevada. Circa: 1910s

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Jim Mattern

Jim is a scapegoat for the NPS, an author, adventurer, photographer, radio personality, guide, and location scout. His interests lie in Native American and cultural sites, ghost towns, mines, and natural wonders in the American Deserts.

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  • beautiful shot Jim. I did not mean to freak you out when I asked for your insight on the St. Boniface grave stones and site. I felt if anyone could direct me it would be you. I just wanted to know where to go next to fill my quest. I think you are a very smart man and I love your stories and the fact that you know so much about all the local history ect. I felt you would be a very trustworthy source.. I will continue to follow your site because I think your pretty neat, sorry for freaking you out with my overwhelming question LOL everything is worth giving it a shot right? lol enjoy the day

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